Support & Assistance

Below are details describing various programs that we have created to make your stay in our community more enjoyable.

Deployed Spouse Program

We understand that various circumstances can make it difficult to do certain tasks. If your spouse is deployed and you would like assistance to perform a few tasks, please call our Community Management Office and we will be happy to assist. Extended lawn care services for fenced-in yards is part of the Deployed Spouse Program. To register, bring a copy of deployment orders to the nearest community center in order to be put on the mowing list.

Self Help Store

In order to assist our residents with household tasks, we have established a Self Help Store. The Self Help Store provides equipment and supplies at no additional cost to residents. Self Help items can be found at each community center (Stonegate, Woodlands, and Piney Hills).

Self Help Store items may include: drain stoppers, hose faucet keys, rubber sink stoppers, filters, recycling bins, and touch-up paint.